Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Riley's half year mark!

Riley at 5 months with her Big Bro

Hmmm well I took the photos each month but the last time I updated her official sticker pix was at three months...a harness for her and a cast and splint for myself have been keeping us busy and literally stuck to each other by velcro. Anyhoo, here are Riley's official six month stats:

Length: 26.5" (24.25" at 5 months)
Weight: 15 1/2 lbs. (14.3 at 5 months)
Head: 18" (16.75" at 5 months)

even the 6 month sticker is yummy!
Milestones: sitting at 5 months, babbling lots -- I love listening to her fall asleep and wake up! scooting around -- she does a fast scoot backwards with her froggy legs and somehow scoots around to get to her toys without crawling. She also learned to pull herself up to the ottoman and sit back up from her tummy. She also signs "milk" when she is hungry. Jackson is sure to tell me when she is signing milk now because I finally gave in and followed the advice of many smart moms and our pediatrician -- let him watch a show while Riley nurses so he feels special, too. It took me 6 months to give in. I'm stubborn. But life is less hectic now that she can eat and I don't have to multitask. I enjoy the quiet time we have while Jackson learns about DiegoHandy Manny or Sid the Science Kid. Were cartoons always so short? It seems like just as I finish feeding Riley the show is over and I still haven't had a quiet moment to myself. Oh well...once they are off to college maybe.

Favorite game: peek-a-boo
Favorite song: If You're Happy and You Know It

At about 5 1/2 months we started Riley on solids. Here is the order we fed her in (thank you Baby Connect app for keeping my memories straight):
rice cereal
oatmeal cereal
whole wheat angel hair
mama's spaghetti sauce
peas (not a fan)
pear puree
peach puree
whole wheat pita bread
rice crackers
baby potatoes 
butternut squash
peach yogurt
(as you can see I didn't follow the three/four day rule this time)

Although she has NO teeth, yet has been teething for months, her gums are really strong and recently I started giving her bits of food instead of blending. Bitty pieces of broccoli and chicken were a delicious dinner tonight followed by pears and yogurt. I give her three meals a day and she still is nursing every 2 1/2 hours...or every 1-2 hours this afternoon. Jackson joined in the eating fun today and kept wanting more breakfast, lunch, early dinner...sibling growth spurts?

Riley's favorite is still her big brother. He can make her laugh and smile just by looking at her. He loves to let her pull his hair and shows strangers even how she does it. She has become obsessed with the cats and they love coming up to her (something they didn't do with Jackson when he was a baby). This girl GRABS everything. I can't wear jewelry, need to pull my hair away from her constantly, and make sure tables are clear before she sits on my lap. I say she has Inspector Gadget arms because she always reaches for things that are so far away (or so I think) and manages to get them! 
SD Zoo train yesterday

Riley is still an amazing sleeper! She is ready for bed before I'm ready to put her down, but is usually in bed by 7:30 and sleeps until 6:30 or 7 if I'm lucky. Then we take her out of her harness (for her hips) and she's free as a bird until bedtime. 

Riley meeting adorable Ryan A. (3 days old)

Jackson explaining that Charlie's trains are faster (although they have the same set up)

After I hurt my hand, Jackson reacted by one of the three things he can control: sleep. He stopped his naps and bedtime became a game. UGH. Seriously like two hours. After lots of reading, lots of mommy-to-mommy talks, lots of research googling, lots of crying by all of us, lots of strategies, he finally is getting to bed by 8 p.m. again. It was a long stage but I think he realized my hand was getting better and settled down. Weird how kids pick up on things like that and act out. Yesterday I brought Jackson to my surgeon's office and the Best Hand Surgeon Ever explained to Jackson that I was doing amazing and he had fixed my hand! He waived my copay and begged me to bring Jackson back next month. LOL! I love when we get "cute baby" hook ups. Does that ever happen to you?

P.S. How did 6 months zoom by us in the blink of an eye???

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