Saturday, August 25, 2012

Visit to Ventura

At the beginning of this month we visited family in Ventura. We stayed with Noah and Laura and enjoyed some quiet time while Gram and Grandpa took Jackson to the fair. He had a blast and so did we! Sierra watched Noah run...he "only" came in third for this 10K. We also were able to see Orion and Mariola, who were back from their trip to Poland and England. The weather was perfect for being outdoors and enjoying margaritas...and kettle corn from the fair. The next day we were eager to meet our newest cousins--Zoey and Ella! Sierra's cousin, Eleanor and her husband Sid produced these beauties who had just celebrated their one month  birthday. Riley was SO happy to meet them! She loves seeing other baby and toddler girls! Our last stop was to see my friend from high school, Julie, who had Brooklyn not too long ago...babies,  babies, and more babies! Now if only I could use both hands to sew again...that's another entry! xoxo
Laura is so supportive of her BF! 

Sierra and his "little" brother, Noah 

Gram and Riley

Gram & Grandpa with their only grandkids

pretty girl!

pretty girls! Mariola and Ri

boys playing football

girl time!

dad enjoying his drink :)

the izzard men

ella (one month), riley (6 months), and zoey (one month)

PROUD cousin!

 What? Do I look like a big girl?

Julie and I met in French class...17 years ago?!

Uncle Orion
 Bonjour, Brooklyn Belle!

 Farmer Jack harvesting Noah's tomatoes

 Jackson at the Ventura County Fair

 Riley's first time in a restaurant's high chair!
She devoured a baguette. 

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