Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!!

This weekend brought me so much happiness. Everywhere we went strangers would tell me "Happy Mother's Day" and I have never felt prouder! Jackson and Riley bring me so much joy and I really do love being their Mama. Thank you kids for making me a Mama...and thank you Sierra for helping a bit with that, too! ;)

I hope you all had a fabulous day spent as an expectant, new, or "experienced" mom!! It seems that even though I've been a mother for four years, each day these two teach me something new about parenting or myself. I'm always on my toes! Xoxo

A rare family picture!

Gram and Grandpa came down for the weekend to help celebrate!  

Riley loves the new table and chairs we picked up at Ikea.

Mother's Day Breakfast at Jackson's school.
4 & 5 year olds say the silliest things!

The boy who made me a Mama!

Birch Aquarium on Mother's Day 

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