Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sick Days

Riley came down with a fever Monday night. It was up to 103 at one point even after switching between Tylenol and Advil. She was MISERABLE and her face looked puffy. It was worth our $75 co-pay to see Urgent Care...sinus infection for our little girl. I was happy to get antibiotics for her. She started feeling better today and didn't wake up at all last night. Jackson woke up instead with a fever of his own. Now he is miserable and it makes me so sad to see these two sick!!!! However, they are both napping right now at the same time....pretty rare around here since Jack gave his naps up a year ago. What should I do first? Online shopping? Crafting? Organizing? What do you do when the kiddos are napping?

Smiling through the puffy face.

Not happy to lay down for nap.

Riley is feeling better with antibiotics. Jackson feels awful now.

Hugs for sick brother!

A nap!!!

Update: I organized the office! It ends up being a disaster zone because it's kinda hidden away...and will be more hidden once we have a door installed...more on that later! 

We say it's an office but really it's a craft room!

Home Depot door we need you! 

The kids have fully recovered from their illnesses and I kinda think Riley had a sinus infection plus the bug Jackson came down with...they were able to celebrate all weekend in Ventura with Gram and family for her big 65th birthday, and then Brooklyn Belle, who turned one (pictures below)! Gram's post will come tomorrow!

Brooklyn and Riley check out Jackson's shoes.

The little ladies: Riley (15 months), Brooke (12 months), and Laura (10 months)

Jackson really enjoys the babies now that he's an experienced brother!

A rare moment--Riley watching TV. Or maybe it was the cat under the TV?


  1. Poor kiddos! Laura spent the past few days vomiting (!) and I think it's the new meds she's on so we took her off and now she's getting antibiotic shots and I have to take her to the doc 3 days in a row for it. Last stop before ear tubes! Praying that everyone recovers quickly and is healthy again!! That being said, they are pretty adorable and snuggable when they are sick, aren't they?

  2. Glad your littles are feeling better. Sick kiddos are the worst! I am in awe of your craft room. What a great space!