Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Riley's 1st Hair Appointment

Profile view before the tiny trim!
Jackson has pictures this week for pre-school and Tae Kwon Do so it was time for his hair to be cut...and little sister joined him because her bangs were getting in the way and she is already not so graceful on her feet (although her name is Riley Grace)...I found a place near Uncle Clint's that specializes in child haircuts and they did a fantastic job on both kids: Bambinos in Carmel Valley. 

Riley was up first and Jackson played in the play area as she sat silently. I had a flashback to Jackson's first trim as soon as they put a cape on her and sprayed her hair. He was one month younger than she is now. There was another baby around the corner screaming but Riley held it together and didn't crack a smile until she was "all done." Aloha Bear sat with her to keep her company. We kept a little lock of her fine baby hair to put in her scrapbook album so she will always know what her natural hair color is in case she decides to color it when she's 21. Then we watched brother get his hair cut...and we were off  to Jackson's last soccer game, looking so much better! 

Here's Jackson at 14 1/2 months

Here we go...Riley is 15 1/2 months

Riley's "all done" and Jackson is next!

He's a pro!


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  1. Ell NEEDS a cut so bad. Sounds like the perfect place!