Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Door That We Don't Really Need But Do (AKA Why I Don't Like Home Depot Right Now)

We did a little spring  summer almost fall cleaning this week. Home Depot was downstairs installing an interior door on the office craft room so we had a few hours to get busy--and stay away from the tools after the installer said, "...I feel uncomfortable having the kids around these tools." Because, you know, they were sitting at their table eating a snack and watching him from ten feet away. I was doing dishes as usual.

Here's what I like about Home Depot

1. Their store hours (6 a.m.-10 p.m.) That's a SAHM's dream because you can go early or late without the kids...or it's open early enough so you have something to do after breakfast and before anything else opens. Costco, take note.

2. Their return policy. My greatest return was taking a toilet seat back (new) after it sat for five years in our garage. They gave full price. No receipt or proof of payment. Nice! Yesterday I upped that by returning the unused door molding for our new interior door. The installer suggested I return it so I hauled it in at 9 p.m. and was given $24.95 to spend to buy a door knob...

3. Their bright orange car carts. Both kids can drive, plenty of room for purchases, and fun!

Before the Door 

The Door That We Don't Really Need But Do 
(AKA Why I Don't Like Home Depot Right Now)

Memorial Day weekend 2013, the kick off to summer, we were invited to our neighbor's for a pool party. We fell in love (after a few drinks maybe) with their office interior door. Heather isn't a crafter like me and let's just say she wasn't excited when I invited her to a Sewing Playdate once...but the door is perfect because it closes off the office area from the family room. I should note we have the same model home. 

Sierra gave me permission to get the same door that the neighbors purchased from Home Depot. That week I went to our local HD, and the headache began. We set up an appointment for HD to come out to take measurements and I was assured it would be a waste of time to look at doors until the measurements came we waited...

The measurements came....we went to look at doors...not too many options because we have a taller than normal doorway...I kept saying to look at the neighbor's door (purchased December 2012)...more running around...parents frantic...more waiting...

A few more trips to HD (without kids) only to find out the associate who can help us (but not) is on lunch...can't come out...more waiting...door is ordered...installation appointment is arrives...

The door didn't make it off the truck because the handle opening was cut for a toddler's height. That was a sad day, watching the door we don't really need drive away...I rethink it and maybe we do need that door with the handle the height of a

More waiting...summer is last--a door! It's here! What? No cut out for the handle? "No problem," the installer says, "I will cut it for you. They did that on purpose because of the problem last time." He asks kindly for the kids to skidaddle. We retreat to Jackson's closet to organize his bounty. 

A box is the best toy ever.
If you haven't read David Shannon's Too Many Toys, please do so. 
Two and a half hours later...we're upstairs organizing, donating, and junking toys....the installer asks me where the hardware is for the door...

Yep, over three months of mistakes and waiting and nobody mentioned we needed a doorknob or handle. SIGH. I see more waiting in our future.

After...the door is here! 
By Christmas it should be complete!

Here's what I like about Home Depot, continued:

4. The installers for HD are really patient considering they see a lot of crazy customers who want to scream at them. This guy said, "This is not your fault. It is Home Depot's." And then the Expeditor at HD later told me it was an associate's error. He didn't tell us we needed a handle.  We assumed I guess that it came with one? So now, we have a handle. Still waiting for that appointment. 

When I went to Home Depot the other night I was shocked to discover so many options for door knobs and handles! Inactive, active, knob, head was spinning. I chose two just in case one doesn't work when the installer comes back for the third time (at HD's expense).

P.S. After sorting the toys I went Elementary Teacher on Jackson and labeled the bins. Then I posted a picture of how his closet should look when it is organized and clean! I hope this helps! 


  1. The door looks great but geeze! What a nightmare!

  2. thanks! it's not the worst thing in the world...just a tad annoying. lol!

  3. It's a good thing you don't "need" that door! Although I'm personally more scared about the fact that you now have a door without a handle. I know two little kids (mine, maybe not yours!) that would totally lock themselves in there and then not be able to get out!

    We actually used HD to do our living room hardwood floor and had an AMAZING experience! Everything was measured perfectly (we needed to have everything sanded to be level also) and the room was done in one day with minimum hassle for us. I was impressed. I think your'e at the mercy of whoever is working when you place your order and talk to someone though!

  4. I so know how that goes! Even the small remodel projects can drag on and on and on...

    Morgan @ PDB