Friday, October 18, 2013

Noah and Laura Get Married!

After eight years together, and only six months engaged, Noah and Laura became Mr. and Mrs. Izzard last weekend! Noah is the middle brother (Sierra is the oldest and most grey, ha!). 

The wedding weekend was wonderful (teacher moment). We drove up to Port Hueneme Friday morning to begin the festivities. Noah and Laura recently moved to Silverdale, Washington, after living in Ventura, so we were already missing them a lot...although we saw them a month ago for her bridal shower in Palm Springs. Here are some pictures from the three days of family fun! The wedding and reception were held at the Bard Mansion on the Port Hueneme Naval Base. Accommodations were there as well--and really nice!

The groom rehearsing...or sharing Fantasy Football moves with Sierra. 

Jackson practicing his smiles. 

The Bride and her parents!

Family picture moment!

Gram copying my faces as I try to get Riley so smile. 

The beautiful couple!

Laura, Aunt Cathy, and Laura's mom, Denise

Wedding Day! The kids were great! Jackson is a professional. 

The Izzard Brothers: Sierra, Noah, and Orion

The Izzard guys~Grandpa Terry and Jackson joined the fun.

Even the flower girl took her shoes off to dance!



Aunt Cathy with cousin Ella. 

Flower Girl's bedtime. 

Ali and Dan shared in the festivities! 

Bubba doing his dance moves (similar to Dad's).

...and they lived happily ever after.

Noah and Laura--May your wedding day be the first of many beautiful memories you create together. And remember...Happy Wife=Happy Life! 

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