Friday, October 18, 2013

Pumpkin Post!

What seemed like yesterday, but in reality was three years ago, we took a trip to Lakeside to visit Oma's Pumpkin Patch. That day was awful because the working dairy farm was infested with flies. TONS. They landed all over us, covered the pumpkins, showed up in the photos, and followed us home in the form of eggs (inside? on?) the pumpkins...a few days later I came home from work to at least two dozen flies in our house! Yuck. 

Although we went back the following year (less flies), I get nervous when I hear "Oma's" and last year we went more local. Today I decided we should give Oma's a try again. I'm glad we did! It's not as big as Bates Nut Farm (which is very popular), has a pay one price admission ($8 includes all activities, a pumpkin, and a water), lots of FUN activities for ages 1+ (hay maze, hayride, sledding down cottonseed, truck paradise, playground area, petting zoo, milking area, and more), and of course...pumpkins! This year, not so many flies. PHEW! It felt like they were more organized with everything from the pumpkins to the hayrides, too. 

Trying to get both pumpkins to pose...nope. 
Sierra was working so I braved the patch alone with my little pumpkins and we raced around quickly because we we had to get Jackson to school at 12:30 p.m. -- 30 minutes away. The patch opened at 10 a.m. We arrived at 9:55 a.m., and by 11 a.m. it was filled with children! 

I'm glad we were there "early" so we could get some pictures without the crowds. I wish my subjects would look at the camera AT THE SAME TIME. SIGH. I get it, was warm, sunny, bright, and fun things were all around:

Kid friendly wheelbarrows! 

My first pumpkin!
My second pumpkin. Ri said, "My pun-kin!"

We spent a lot of time sorting and arranging pumpkins in the shady area. 

Riley is obsessed with all animals. As soon as she saw the petting zoo, she ran away from us. 

The kids loved sliding down the cottonseed hill. I didn't love the cottonseeds on my black shorts. 

Riley was done. She didn't want another picture...

just a nap!

Jack pretending to be asleep! Ha!

Look How Big My Pumpkins Have Grown!

Bates Nut Farm, 2009
Oma's Pumpkin Patch, 2010

Oma's, 2011

Scripps Ranch Pumpkin Patch, 2012

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