Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Family Time in Washington

Last week we traveled to Washington to visit the newlyweds, Laura and Noah, at their new home in Silverdale, a suburb of Kitsap County. Sierra and I have been to Seattle a couple of times together but this was our first time to outside of the Seattle area-a ferry ride away. Also a first time with kids to the Pacific Northwest.

Our Fur Nephew, Pender

The kids did so well on the flights. On the way there, Alaska Airlines gave us a seat for our lap baby, Riley, which made the flight more comfortable. On the way home she slept half the time and was happy the other half. They received lots of compliments. Good thing she's still nursing because the pressure from descending really hurt her ears. On the flight home, Riley knew right away what to do--pull my shirt down. Glad the lady sitting across the aisle was sleeping! 

We went on a few hikes and Jackson was pretty agreeable. I think the Komen 5K we did a few weeks ago helped build his stamina. It is so beautiful seeing the autumn leaves on the ground and everything is SO green. It didn't rain too much while we were there but Laura said a big storm came in the morning after we left. The weather was really nice, actually. Jackson complained it was too cold--50 degrees one day outside. We were bundled up one day at the park while other children were in short sleeves. 

The kids enjoyed the ferry ride to Seattle on Saturday. We did a day trip and enjoyed the touristy spots: Pike Place Market, the original Starbucks, street performers, wind up toys galore, a bookstore (we introduced Where's Waldo to Jackson), had our first Piroshky at Piroshky Piroshky--the kids really loved the hazelnut dessert Piroshky, and beers for the adults before we headed back with a sleeping Riley in our arms. We decided on no stroller or carrying device this trip because she's such a great walker and we had four adults to take turns carrying her around. 

We are missing Laura and Noah already but will see them at Christmastime when they visit Ventura. We are happy to be home and back to our normal routines, too. We are looking forward to visiting them again when it's warmer...for Jackson.  

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