Wednesday, November 6, 2013

21 months, Baby Girl!

So I can basically say Riley Grace is "almost two." SNIFF! SNIFF! I know these last three months will fly by even faster than the last 21 have as we have entered the holiday season. Riley is currently loving all the turkeys she finds around the house and will take you on a Turkey Trot to point them out. 

Daddy measured her the other night and we discovered she's 31 inches! She weighs 24 pounds and is wearing size 24 months and 2T clothes. What is the difference between those sizes anyways? I think the length in the arms and legs?

Ri is putting words together a lot now to form sentences and questions. "Where's _______ (Bubba, Daddy, Mama)? "What's that???" (500 times a day). At least Jackson is there to help answer those questions. She is a doll baby, that's for sure. She is the sweetest girl ever--always concerned when she hears a baby cry, and tends to her own doll babies like a little mommy. She even burps them after their bottles! I love seeing her grow...I just wish it didn't happen so fast! 

Riley with her lovey, Cuddle Bear.
He normally stays home but we brought him with us
 to help Shyly Riley turn back into Smiley Riley.

P.S. a little sneak peek of our family photos by the amazing Ashley Perry Photography. She's been capturing us since Jackson was 9 months old. Love her. xo

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  1. Incredible pictures! Love them! Riley is so adorable. It goes way too fast. :(