Friday, November 22, 2013

Turkey Handprint 101

I'm a sucker for kid hand and footprints. I have been stamping and painting Jackson's digits since he was a few days old and probably won't stop until he moves out for college. He says he will stay and won't be like Andy from Toy Story 3, but we shall least I will have his and Riley's prints tucked away somewhere in the guestroom!

I get asked a lot about how to craft prints and I think the turkey is the easiest and most old school that they come, so I decided to show you. 

Supplies: Washable paint (I like Crayola--you can find this set at Michael's and it lasts forever...or at least a year's worth of handprint crafts).

Construction paper, paintbrushes, glue, wiggle eyes, table covering, paper plates for paint, smocks or aprons for kids, and baby wipes for spills and quick clean ups.

Tip: Gather your supplies while the babies are asleep so they won't need something while you're counting out wiggly eyes. 

1. Gather your turkeys.

2. Explain what you're going to do. Show them an example if you have one (do that at nap!). 

3. Pour paint onto a paper plate and talk about the colors you will be using.  

4. Paint the hand and thumb brown.

Jackson painted his own hand this year!
5. Paint the other fingers various colors for feathers. 

Riley believes you should wear a bow when painting!
6. Gently press down on paper. Say, "1, 2, 3! Lift up!"

7. Compliment your turkeys about what lovely prints they made!

8. Clean the kids up and have them watch the next part with a snack. 

9. Either fold the paper to create a card or cut out to glue on a pre-made card (you can get those at Michael's).

10. Paint a beak, gobbler, and feet. Tip: use a Q-tip if you don't have thin paintbrushes. 

11. Once the turkeys are dry, glue an eyeball on.

12. Send off to someone you love! 

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Such a cute idea. We've done a few projects, but I never thought to make a card. Riley is much better than Ella. It's a struggle with the paint over here!

  2. I've seen your painting crafts, Hollie! They are so cute. Ella looks like a pro! Messy=fun!