Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy #2 to You, Riley Grace!

Photo credit: Photography by Gabriela

Dear Riley Grace,

Two years ago today, at 4:49 p.m., you arrived and Daddy announced, "a girl! a girl!" We were thrilled to welcome you into our family and you amaze us each day with your kindness, patience, and intelligence. 

You have learned so much over the last year; you run so fast, started playing soccer, increased your vocabulary to over 50 words...I don't really have had four haircuts, know all of your colors (your favorites being pink and purple), can count to 10, try to sing your ABC's, know most basic shapes, use short sentences, really enjoy coloring and "reading" books, give the BEST hugs and kisses, love all of your dolls and animals, and still say Bubba is your favorite. He always has been and I hope, always will be. 

We LOVE you, sweet girl! Happy two to you! 


P.S. Last week in Jackson's class a little boy told Jackson you were "so cute." That won't be the last time Big Brother hears that from a buddy! xoxo

One day old!

One year old!

"I'm TWO!!!"

Minutes old to two years is it possible to love her SO much?

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