Monday, March 24, 2014

It's T-ball Season!

We're in our third week of the official Scripps Ranch Little League's (SRLL) season yet we've been practicing since February. This is Jackson's first time playing baseball, or t-ball, and he's having a ball. Ha, ha. 

The season started with a fun day at a local park. There were jumpies, food stands, games, and team photo professional pictures. All of the kids in SRLL are Padres because the Padres sponsor the jerseys. All of the teams have different styles of jerseys, though. We got lucky with ours. Some of the others are not as classic looking. 

Last weekend Jackson played his best game yet: he was focused in the outfield (not digging in the dirt like the other games and kids), he caught several grounders when he played the infield, and had his first opportunity to play pitcher. He loved it. 

Riley loves cheering her brother on and of course, dressing up for his team. 

We are having fun meeting other five and six year old boys (there are 10 on his team) and their families. 

So, if we can't come to something on a Saturday, it's probably because we're at his game...until June. Wish us luck! It's a long season!

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  1. Ahhh I can't wait until Liv is old enough! We're headed to a padre game this weekend :).