Thursday, April 3, 2014

We are moving!

...and we don't know where! We love our home. It has given us so many happy memories over the last three years. We have talked about selling for a year now...and recently decided to take the plunge and list it. It's for sale officially tomorrow! 

We are excited and sad all at the same time. The hardest part about deciding to sell? Telling our amazing neighbors. It feels like an extended family on our street. During the summers it's a weekly block party. Last Christmas we all hung extra lights to make our street so pretty. When I hurt my hand when Riley was four months old, everyone on Wild Meadow leant a helping hand. And knowing that Jackson and Riley won't grow up across the street from Max and Hana weighs on my heart. Hana and Riley are only nine days apart. 

But, we have longed to live closer to the beach. Sierra grew up at the beach. The kids LOVE it. And with Jackson preparing for Kindergarten this Fall, now is a good time for us to sell. 

Now buying is a different story. There isn't a lot out there in the coastal areas of San Diego we are looking at that meet our extensive criteria. So we might have to move back to our old house (occupied by our tenant) until we can find our new dream home. Wish we could move Wild Meadow closer to the beach and bring our neighbors, too!
Today when I saw the for sale sign in the front yard I had mixed emotions but ultimately decided those feelings were excitement. 

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  1. You have a beautiful home. Buying and moving is such a stressful but fun process! Enjoy :).