Thursday, November 27, 2014


I am thankful for all these last moments we are sharing as a family of four. As my due date approaches ( 3 days), I realize I can't count on that day. Baby Brother will come when he's ready. I have permission to wait until 41 weeks until we evict induce him...hopefully he chooses a birth day before then! I was 4 cm at my appointment yesterday and still having lots of false labor contractions with nothing closer than  7 minutes apart. But I'm thankful for these in a way because they get that cervix working so I will have less to do once I finally get to Labor and Delivery. :) Same thing happened with Riley and when I checked in, I was 7 cm. and not in pain.

We have been fortunate to have excellent health, awesome friends, a loving family, and careers that have provided us numerous opportunities and a happy home to raise our growing family. So on this day we take some time to talk about why we are thankful, but most importantly, we remember to be thankful every day...and tell each other so. 

Jackson's Cultural Feast was a success! 

Tried walking around the SD Zoo to get brother out...nope. But, we had fun!

Riley's bestie Kendall joined us. Jack and Ri loved the insect house and the camels the best.

Thanksgiving Day was mellow...we stayed home and I cooked a yummy feast.
 The kids discovered that pumpkin pie is really good!

"When is Baby Brother popping out of your belly, Mama?" 

Ended the day walking on the beach. Beautiful sunset on a beautiful day.

Thankful to live in such a gorgeous city.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and the holidays are good to you! 


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