Monday, November 17, 2014

Awaiting Baby Brother...

Well I'm still pregnant. 38 weeks and counting!

At 36 weeks I was measuring three weeks ahead (fundal) so I was sent for an ultrasound which showed Chubby Cheeks Izzard measuring at the 96th percentile. He has a big head like his siblings. Then last week, at 37 weeks, the fundal length measured at 41 weeks. The doctor gave me big eyes and said she hoped he would come early. 

I've been doing my Barre3 classes, walking, eating spicy foods, and even made a special pineapple-date juice to help induce labor...nothing. I think today I finally realized he's cozy and will come when he's ready...

Komen 5K Breast Cancer Walk. We participate annually with Team Babes for Boobs. 

36 weeks with my favorite girl!

Jackson walked the entire time! Riley walked a lot, too. 

We voted! 

Jackson lost his second tooth!

Riley's first braid! 

Last pedicure for us before Baby Bro arrives...I think. 

Pedicures really are relaxing! Not the first time she's fallen asleep in this chair. 

Jackson attended Big Brother Training at Sharp. 

He learned to swaddle and diaper a baby...

He passed! 

Baby Brother is a great pillow!

Pogo jumping didn't help get things moving...but it was fun!

Abby is getting ready for the holidays. 

Getting uncomfortable! 

Crazy hair day at school. 

Walking the mall, walking Miramar Lake, walking at the Botanic Gardens, walking the beach...not helping. 

I'm trying to be patient and I know for sure that Baby Brother will be here before Christmas! I think it's time to decorate while I still have some "spare time" before the whirlwind of three kids begins. 


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