Saturday, November 27, 2010

Denver Trip

We spent last weekend just outside Denver with my brother Clint and his amazing girlfriend, Angela. They live in a suburb called Centennial and there was still some snow on the ground from a previous storm. We were between the storms apparently because the snow came after we left. They were wonderful hosts again--putting up with the Izzards for four days is a lot to handle! 

It was sunny and beautiful but pretty cold! Brrr! I think Clint said my teeth were chattering as we walked from the car to lunch in Golden. But as soon as the beer tour started, we were warm and cozy inside the brewery smelling the hops and barley. The three full free pours were a great way to end the family friendly tour. Jackson had a ton of fun running up and down the ramps and checking out the beer accessories. He never fails to spot a football, so we came home with a silver bullet souvenir. 

High altitude hair!
Reading Lion a story before takeoff!

Angela and Clint have lived here for over a year now and know the delicious places to eat! We really enjoyed the places they took us to but especially enjoyed Angela's home cooking! She really knows her way around the kitchen. Jackson scarfed down her jambalaya. 

We brought a portable DVD player with us this time for the flight to keep Jackson busy in case he didn't fall asleep. Of course he slept through both flights. At least "Barney DDD" was an entertaining reward after he used the potty. He only had two accidents in four days! 

We also stopped by to visit my cousin Craig and his wife Renee. They just moved outside Boulder and are about 30 minutes from Clint. They have two adorable girls and Jackson had fun playing with all of their girly things -- and finding their footballs, too. 

Danika, Reese, and Jack

We can't wait to see Clint and Angela for Christmas--they will be visiting us! Yay! 

Jackson was sound asleep until he heard his
favorite sound...the horn of a firetruck!

Outside the Pecile-Kennedy residence =)

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