Sunday, December 5, 2010


We spent Thanksgiving in Ventura with Sierra's family. On Thanksgiving morning, the boys golfed and Gram Roni suggested we go visit her friend in Ojai who just had a baby girl. Can you believe this is her backyard view? Beautiful! We took a great pre-dinner hike (Jack's first) and enjoyed nature. Later, we spent time with family and ate a lot...Jackson fell asleep after a few bites but then was wide awake for more food.

We have so much to be thankful for this year. Our healthy family, employment, the opportunities we are able to take, and our love that continues to grow and become stronger as a family of three. We hope you had time to reflect about what you are thankful for as you stuffed your belly! :)

Gram and Jackson before the Ojai hike.
this is a long way for my little legs!
Jackson kept putting Brandy in timeout
for "hitting" him with her tail.
Cousin Eleanor brought Jack gifts! 
uh-oh...I'm getting sleepy!
Eleanor and Sid are newlyweds! Congratulations!
Where's the pumpkin pie?
The Izzard Men
Uncle Pete and Gram


Jackson celebrated Connor's 3rd birthday by hogging the baseball tee (Santa--we could really use this!). He stopped for a minute to give his favorite redhead, Olivia, a hug. He couldn't wait to eat cupcakes and watch Connor open his gifts. Fun party, Reardons! 

P.S. we had to get Jack's hair cut's job started to show. As soon as Jack sat down, the hair stylist said, "home job?" 

...and some videos:

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