Sunday, December 5, 2010

::ashley perry::

...we love having Ashley Perry take our family photos because we have a great time, love the photos, and can't believe how fast she works! She really makes us feel so comfortable and I feel natural and not posey. Is that a word? I am not a big fan of photo sessions (unlike my husband). Jackson would rather run away from the camera and play or watch for firetrucks and airplanes, yet she's still able to catch his smiles and cute expressions!

We took our holiday photos this morning and I'm not sure how she's able to make us look so good and blog about addition to being a mommy of two ADORABLE kids. Click here for a sneak peek (which may look similar to a future Christmas card). 

If you haven't thought about professional holiday cards, it's not too late to get New Year's, Valentine's Day, or something extra special! Check out Ashley Perry Photography for your little and big moments! Thanks (again), Ashley!!!


  1. WOW...THANK YOU Amber!!!! That is pretty much the nicest compliment I have ever gotten. I love your family so much and am so happy that I can capture pictures you love and will enjoy forever! MERRY CHRISTMAS MAMA!

  2. I need to make this a priority ASAP because once our little babe is here I know I'll put it off forever. Thanks for the recommendation Amber. I always love the photos she takes of your cute family!