Saturday, December 18, 2010

Must Be Santa!

It has been SO much fun teaching Jackson about all of the winter things! I wish December lasted longer than 31 days! Since Christmas displays started before Halloween, he started recognizing Santa many weeks before I had a gift wrapped or was even close to putting on the holiday music. 

We first met Santa at UTC mall. We waited patiently in line with the promise of the train ride after the photo with Santa. Jackson was very good at waiting because he could see that train choooooooooooooooo-chooooooooing nearby. When it was time to enter Santa's Workshop, he went right up to him and said, "Hi, Santa! How are YOU?!" He also had his first candycane that day.

Our next Santa sighting was yesterday at daycare. Each year Ms. Sue invites Santa to come to their Christmas party. 

Apparently Jackson was first in line to sit on his lap. He likes to ask Santa for "Elmo Firehouse DDD" which is a DVD we borrowed from the library during his Potty Party. This boy LOVES firetrucks and firefighters. Thank you Caitlyn for taking these photos--so hard for a working mommy to be in two places at once but it felt like I was there with everyone! Santa sure did spoil Jackson yesterday! 

Today when we picked up Uncle Clint from the airport, his flight was delayed a bit so we decided to get a Starbucks (of course). We spotted Santa sitting by himself amidst all the holiday travelers. Jackson marched right up to him, received some help from Santa's special helper to get on his lap, and gave Santa a great big hug. You know all the travelers in line were loving this moment! 

Santa told Jackson that Mrs. Claus would LOVE him and he was just so adorable. Jack said, "Thank you, Santa!" Then he checked out his boots and said good bye to everyone. 

Santa's Helpers took pictures, uploaded, printed, and shared them with us for FREE! Very cool! We also learned about a photo feature with Windows Vista 7 which we now have on Sierra's new laptop. I'll have to play around with that in the new year.  

I was shown this really cool Santa website where you can upload pictures and help Santa share a special message with your child. If you haven't done this yet, and you have a kiddo who is old enough to get it...YOU MUST! It is ADORABLE! Santa is such a techy! 

Click here to see Jackson's video message

Santa Claws shows off her mitten scarf!

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