Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jack's 1st Day of Camp

J insisted on carrying his own lunch bag

...enough with the paparazzi -- let's go to camp!
We enrolled Jackson in a preschool camp twice a week for half days this summer. He has two friends in the class with him--Celeste and Vianica. The class is for ages 3+ but since our little guy is so advanced (brag, brag), he was enthusiastically accepted. Each day there is a theme to the camp. Yesterday's theme was Pajama Day. It was also our first day. Yep, our first day, because the night before I couldn't sleep and I cried after I left him with his teachers, Ms. Linh and Ms. Melissa. Jack was SO excited about going and gave me a big hug and kiss and said, "bye, Mama!" The camp meets in this huge playroom and the first thing Jack did was look at himself in the giant mirror (influenced from dad), and then grabbed two firechief hats and played in the kitchen. When I picked  him up at the end of camp, he was eating his lunch with the other kids and ran off to play Legos with BIG boys. Apparently he found a 7 year old buddy to hang out with all day named Trent. He also showcased his sports talents by making a 5 foot shot in the basketball hoop. He adjusted to this new experience very well--the only tears came from me. The only tantrum was when we left the Lego table. We can't wait for next week...Bubble Mania and Ice Cream Party!

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