Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lake Tahoe

My last day of work/school was last Tuesday and we jumped on a plane to Reno. It was the best way to begin summer vacation! 

We spent the last week visiting Uncle Orion and Auntie Mariola in South Lake Tahoe. We had PERFECT weather and an amazing time! Jackson experienced his first boat ride to Emerald Bay, hiking, biking, swimming, resting, and lots of ice cream! On both flights, Jackson opted to stay awake and enjoy the ride. He LOVES airplanes! He was the entertainment in the airport terminals dragging his luggage along...he is definitely in the "I-can-do-it-by-myself" stage!

making Daddy's Father's Day gift before our trip

Lots of Izzards!

it's like living in a postcard here!

roaring like a bear

sierra and I now think good service means crayons are given upon entering!

car show = love

we didn't gamble...just used tokens to play games!

for $3 of tokens you, too, can have a hacky sack and two dinos!

my yearly exercise

ice cream with sprinkles of course!

someone loves presents more than Sierra!

finished frame -- Sierra is moving to a new office so he will add this to his wall!

"thank you Uncle Orion. I love you!"

jet setter

ready to fly home!

we celebrated Biscuit's bday a day late...see the lizard Jack gave him?

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