Monday, October 24, 2011

Jack Patch

After soccer practice on Saturday we gave Oma's Pumpkin Patch another try. Last year we went just after it rained and there were a TON of could see them in our pictures! This year there were a lot less flies, but it's a dairy you get the ambiance of farm life. There's a lot for a toddler to do at Oma's so that makes it more fun for the sporty tykes (minus the fly swatting). Auntie Autumn and cousin Junior met us. Jackson was old enough to sled down hayseed mountain--so fun! I think he enjoyed counting the pumpkins more than selecting one to take home. 

Hayseed sled ride!

Speaking of country living, as Scripps Ranch loves to claim...we found a rattlesnake in our garage this yesterday afternoon! It was a little guy but still...scary! Sierra carefully carried it on a shovel to the nearby hills...luckily it was the first one we have seen this snake season...which is ending soon. 

NEWSFLASH! Jackson learned to pedal his bike! He looked so BIG and proud riding his bike with dad running behind. We were so happy, too, because he can finally reach the pedals and push them! After seeing his buddy Kason (who celebrated his 2nd birthday yesterday) look so cool in his sunglasses, Jackson decided he needed a pair as well. Cars, of course. Cars shirt, Cars bike, and Cars shades. 

And Baby Riley continues to grow! Look...he/she is the size of a pumpkin at almost 25 weeks! At my doctor's visit this past week, Riley was measuring two weeks ahead of schedule which could mean a lot of things but the doctor told me not to worry (fatty!). Just kidding! Actually, I weigh 7 pounds less at this point than I did with Jackson. It all evens out at the end, though, right? 

Riley loves to kick and move around in his/her womb...just like Big Brother did when he was taking up this space. Sierra and Jackson can feel these kicks now, too. This pregnancy is going by so fast! Little Riley will be here soon! 

Kissing Baby Riley

Have a fabulous week leading up to trick-or-treating!

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