Monday, October 31, 2011


Jackson, as you may remember, is obsessed with Toy Story so it was no surprise who he wanted to be for Halloween. He LOVES his Buzz costume! He says he's a space ranger. We took Jackson to our nearby shopping center to meet his buddies Celeste and Max for some daylight trick-or-treating on Saturday. The different stores had people passing out candy and Jackson couldn't take his eyes off all the kids in their costumes. Sierra waited in the LONG line to ride the firetruck...and then just before it was our turn, the battery died. Oh well...we sat on it for a photo and went to get more candy.

After letting Jackson eat a few pieces of candy, Mommy Nannette came to watch him for the evening! Sierra and I attended an adult party at Kevin and Sarah's. A fun date night! We went to a local bar in Cardiff and everyone was in costume. People are so creative! We went as the Beekeeper and Queen Bee. =)

The Hinches announce their pregnancy!
Kelly and I are 9 weeks apart!

Tonight we will dress up for Jackson so we can trick-or-treat our neighborhood. Jackson insisted on these be continued!

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