Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little Kickers!

Team Thumpers -- 2 year olds -- October 2011

Jackson's last day with Coach Cody and the Thumpers was yesterday. He will start the next level next week--Cottontails. We won't be involved as much during these lessons but that's fine with us! We can't wait to be spectators! At the end of the last lesson, the kids were given medals and lined up for a team photo. SO CUTE! These little guys are all two and full of energy. Jackson was so proud of his medal he wore it until bath time.

green "grass" stuck in his hair after the parachute activity

high five from Coach Cody!


"See my medal?!"

last Team Thumpers cheer!

two hugs for Coach!
and I really popped out this week! Riley is getting bigger and bigger! Here I am at the beginning and ending of my 25th week...

Way bigger than a soccer ball!

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