Saturday, November 12, 2011

Babes for Boobs & 3rd Trimester

Last Sunday we took part in the annual Susan G. Komen Walk/Run for breast cancer awareness. I did this walk a few years ago with girlfriends and this year we were part of a team that my friend Heidi organized: Babes for Boobs. I have had several friends over the last few years diagnosed with BC and thankfully they are all survivors. Thank you to everyone who donated to our team!

Sierra, Jackson, and I raised $300 for breast cancer awareness, treatments, and services and enjoyed a nice walk in our new double stroller. Heidi's son Willson was Jackson's seatmate for our test drive. Jackson kept complaining that Willson had his foot on his side and of course Willson thought it was comical to annoy Jackson...oh boys! Hopefully Riley won't bother his/her big brother for a few months at least. Jackson was getting a sneak preview of what siblings are all about!

OH, and we LOVED this new stroller! I did a lot of research after my work suggested buying me one as a shower gift. Well, I found the exact model I wanted on Craig's List a few weeks ago and couldn't pass it up--it is in near perfect condition and came with every single extra attachment they make! We now stroll with the Indie Twin Bumbleride. Baby Riley will have his/her own bassinet in the beginning so Jackson can't cross sides. Ha!
Preschool Fall pictures came this week! Look at our BIG boy!
new 20 minute activity--
checking toy catalogs for Santa's list

My 3rd trimester started! I see the doctor every two weeks now.
 Baby Riley is still measuring almost two weeks ahead. Oink! Lots of dance parties in my tummy all the time! I love feeling these movements even if a hand or foot is pushing on my ribs. I officially hit 20 pounds of weight gain. I am feeling great!

I can't say I have had any real cravings because all food is delicious. Maybe spicy food? I love it anyways but I really enjoy it now. I could eat Viet
namese Pho or Thai everyday with lots of heat! 

I have had an issue with varicose veins this pregnancy--gross. They get puffy in my left leg while I sleep so I've been wearing sexy support hose at night. A new thigh high pair was ordered for me the other day -- oh lovely! You, too, can enjoy these during the day or night -- since they are shear and come with a beautiful lace band...only $50 at your nearest Rx.

I think one of my favorite things during this pregnancy has been Sierra's attentiveness. He massages me with lotion almost every night. He didn't do that when I was pregnant with Jackson. I think he realizes what a true miracle it is to have a baby. It really is such an incredible process that I could never take lightly. SO amazing!

Enjoy the weekend! I hope the sun comes out soon! 

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