Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween...part two!

Buzz Lightyear insisted we dress up as Woody and Jessie. 

Pumpkin carving time!

Jack-o-lantern and the Great Pumpkin
Jackson was so excited to stamp these cookies for his preschool party!
PJ Day at Preschool on Halloween
...thanks Mommy Nannette for the new Buzz PJs!

Auntie Autumn and Uncle Marco in Miami...costume #1

Buzz looking for more candy...


Buzz complaining his bag was too heavy!

My little baby doll!

To Infinity and Beyond!

3 pieces of candy made for a buzzed Buzz Lightyear!

I hope everyone had a FUN Halloween! We enjoyed all the pictures, posts, and real life people in their costumes! 

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  1. Cute pj's, Jack! LOL about the candy being too heavy, I can vaguely remember those times...