Monday, November 14, 2011

Busy Weekend

We had a fun and busy three day weekend which started out with donuts, an oil change, and meeting the Silvas for some fun at Funbelievable. We have a Groupon that expires soon and Jackson acted like he was going to Disneyland--his eyes were huge the whole way to Lakeside. Apparently everyone else with the day off went to Funbelievable as well -- it was packed! 

That night we visited baby Avery Van Gunst -- such a little doll! She was born to Kurt and Katherine not even a week ago and is PERFECT! Jackson showed little interest. Kurt gave him a guitar lesson and that was much cooler than a newborn.

On Saturday morning we drove to Dana Point to meet the other Izzards (Gram and Grandpa) at their timeshare. Jackson got carsick and luckily saved the mess for the parking lot. Then he was good to go! We walked around San Juan Capistrano in the drizzle, jumped through puddles at the Mission, ate a yummy Mexican lunch...followed by a yummy Mexican dinner.

Grandpa Terry, Daddy, and Jackson 

So focused, Sierra!

Jacuzzi bubblebath!

We drove home yesterday morning after a little walk along the beach (again, Jackson was feeling carsick towards the end but spared us the barf), did some chores, grocery shopping (got the Thanksgiving Butterball), took Bubba for his haircut, and while Jack napped I went for a pedicure and manicure. Woo hoo! Too bad I came home and decided to scrub the stove and smudge my nails. 

Autumn and Junior came over for dinner and it was nice catching up with them since Autumn has been out of town the last two or three weekends. She brought Jackson a cute shirt from Miami but he refused to wear it this morning to preschool--he is SO into Cars merchandise these days. He has a new Cars shirt, toothbrush, toothpaste, and underwear. Speaking of -- he isn't wearing a pull up at night anymore! We decided to give it a try since I had the extra day off and he has had one accident in four nights so we will continue wearing undies to bed. I thought it was only fitting that we celebrate his one year of potty training with ditching the pull ups at night!

Junior and Jack

Last night after Autumn and Junior left I started to feel really yucky. I had spent the day congested and figured it was from the down pillows at the timeshare (I am allergic). Suddenly I started to have body aches so I took a bath and couldn't stop shaking. I finally took some Tylenol and my fever broke...but I stayed home today because I still had a temperature and was feeling icky. When I told Jackson I was staying home today he said, "What day is it? Is it a howlyday (holiday)?" It is weird to be home sick and I think even more strange to be is so quiet at the Izzard Residence.

However, look at all the things I have accomplished:
  • I caught up on some reality TV
  • fixed my sewing machine (operator error!)  because I could call Singer during their Mountain hours
  • made an appointment for a 4D ultrasound (can't wait to see Riley!)
  • cleared my inbox of unwanted emails (3,545 to be exact)
  • planned our Turkey Day menu (we are hosting)
  • washed three loads of laundry 
  • watched Abby and Biscuit be lazy in the sunshine
  • slept
  • spied on Jackson at preschool via their webcam -- he is the only one to sit still during a story! and he's first to lay down for nap even when other kids are still playing.
  • researched eBay for reselling my diaper bag (since I want a new one)
  • researched Nordstrom for new boots 
  • did some Blog reading
  • browsed nursery gliders on line 
  • realized I am 7 months prego! 

Countdown to Thanksgiving Vacation...4 days! Woo hoo! 
I hope my flu doesn't make anyone else sick, too! :/

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