Friday, January 6, 2012

::Ending 2011::

December flew much fun having the house decorated and I really didn't want to take the decorations down! But then I suddenly found energy to pack it all up and put up Valentine's Day things -- it's never too early to have LOVE around the home! 

Christmas Eve was spent in our new home with family. I made my first prime rib (delicious!) and we enjoyed a long evening of food, drinks, and merry times opening gifts and playing games. Jackson said he heard Santa's bells and stayed up very late being social. On Christmas morning Jack slept in and came down to find Santa's gifts. FUN!!!

 After a yummy breakfast we went for a walk at Lake Miramar and visited some ducks, geese, and Canadian Loons with Gram and Grandpa.

New Year's was low key this year. Uncle Noah and Auntie Laura visited and we had fun with them bringing in 2012! Can't wait to visit them in their new home! This is going to be such a FABULOUS year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful end to 2011! 
May you have happiness, love, and excellent health in 2012!

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