Friday, January 6, 2012


Over the Christmas festivities Sierra painted and added chair railing to Jackson's play room, which is now his Big Brother Room. He moved bedrooms so that Baby Riley could be closer to us. It is weird having him down the hall now...he seems so far away. 

We kept the baby monitor...excuse me, Big Boy monitor, in there so we can keep an eye and ear on him. He adjusted well! Especially since his room seemed brand new with the paint he helped pick out. The day after Christmas, Grandpa Terry and Sierra moved Jackson's furniture in and we set up...four hours later Gram wondered aloud if I was nesting. 
Which got me I?

I don't remember feeling the urge to organize when I was prego with Jackson. But, I also didn't have to plan ahead about what I was going to do with a toddler if suddenly my water broke in the middle of the night, at work, etc. I pretty much have been worrying about that for the last 7 months...waking up in the middle of the night with anxiety and insomnia. No fun. But we can only plan so much! 

Entering the Big Brother Room

closet of toys and books...we fold most clothes


Warning--that little Cars chair  talks really loud!

I spent winter break washing baby items (new and used), getting the baby gear out of our garage, and preparing Big Brother for the arrival of his baby brother or sister. So sounds like nesting I suppose...or being a Type A.

Week 34--purchased a dresser for Jackson, chair for our family room, 
and chair for our bedroom.
Gotta be comfy while nursing!

Sierra made progress on Riley's nursery last weekend--he is nesting, too. Today his dad came to help him build a shelf in the garage for his tools. He is setting up the crib and such this weekend. Can't wait! Oh wait, yes I can! 

Riley's nursery colors will be blue and green if a boy and pink and green if a girl. We will decorate once baby arrives...which could be sooner than I was expecting. 
I start my maternity leave in a week because I need some time to rest according to my doctor. I keep having a swollen left leg and I am a "good one centimeter" dilated. I was extremely exhausted working with my students this week. This big belly is heavy! Jackson likes to say his legs are swollen, too, and puts them up on a pillow. 

I really need Riley to chunk up some more and arrive after Jackson's early birthday party (next weekend) and Kelly's baby shower (the weekend after). 

Please, please, please Riley...stay put for a couple more weeks! 

Your Mama

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