Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bobby Crocker and 38 weeks...

Jackson and I made some chocolate chocolate chip cookies tonight as we patiently await Riley's debut.

I went to triage yesterday morning thinking it was time. Nurse said I had an 80% chance of being admitted. Well I am back at home...5 cm dilated, consistent contractions, 80-90% effaced at today's appointment...but not in active labor. Basically I am in early labor and have been since early Monday morning. I am not in pain..Just not too comfy. But Riley Turtle Snail will be worth the wait! Oh and I am back to measuring bigger--40 weeks. Could be a big baby, lots of fluid, or...? Who knows! Pregnancy is a mystery.

When I picked Jack up from pre-school today he asked, "Is Riley here yet?" I said, "Do you see my belly?!" ;) He insists that Riley is a girl. We will see...soon!

Kung phat choi! Happy New Year! It's the year of the dragon!

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