Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Montessori Preschool

Jackson started a new preschool today. After visiting a few programs over the summer we selected a Montessori school for Jackson. I think it will fit his needs as he matures into a four year old! Yikes...four seems so MUCH older than three! He will be there twice a week for half days--which went by way too FAST for Mama and Riley. 

SO excited!

We were happy to meet his teachers today as a family. Sierra attended the Parent Orientation a couple weeks ago while I stayed home with the littles. Jackson said he had a great day and his teachers both said he was very respectful. =)

Ms. Shay greeted Jackson and showed him where to put his lunch. 

"I studied globes all day. I played outside and
watered something--not basil." --Jackson

...waving goodbye to our big boy!

and this little girl spent some quality time with hand therapy. 


  1. Amber, you always look amazing and so well-dressed! Are those nursing tops? I feel like I'm always in frumpy nursing shirts and my wardrobe is so restricted until I stop nursing! You find a way to make it work!

  2. Thanks, Julia! Teacher outfit. I only buy stuff I can nurse in. Lol! Top is Nordstrom's BP three years ago. I had 6 minutes to get ready!!!