Monday, September 10, 2012

Riley is on the move and talking, too!

Help!!!! I. AM. NOT. READY!

  Riley started crawling a day after her 7th month birthday and I knew it would happen on that day because she seemed pretty eager to get down and move that morning...each day she has been getting farther around the floor. She's still in the I-am-kinda-scared-of-this-big-space rush, little sis! I don't mind her talking! It's adorable! She is proud of both milestones and so are we. 

Here is Riley saying, "Blah, Blah" which she later switched to "Bubba." Smart girl! Still need to capture it on video, but Jackson is so happy that one of her first words is the name we call him. 



  1. Love the videos. She is so full of joy!

  2. How is she 7 months old already? What a big girl!!!