Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Sweet Riley Grace is 7 Months

...really? How does 7 months go I think it feels even faster with the second child. Over the weekend I cried about not having a third baby since we said we are done with two before, during, and after my pregnancy with Riley. It has been A LOT of work adding a new family member. She has been SO easy...the older brother has not. We are constantly tweaking our parenting "skills" and adding new strategies...oh the fun never I can see how 7 months are now upon us! But seriously, a third is still in my mind. A girl can dream, right?

Had to remove the sticker from her for
this month's photo...she eats it.

  • Favorite Food: Peaches (in bite size pieces)
  • Favorite Book: Pat the Bunny 
  • Favorite person: Jackson 
  • Favorite animal: cats -- she loves them -- the real ones we live with, pictures, stuffed animals...
  • Favorite thing to do: GRAB things (hair, jewelry, cat tails)
  • Game: anything with surprise or bouncing

Milestones from the Sixth Month
  • At six months she figured out how to push up from her tummy to the sitting position so now she rolls, scoots, and pushes around really FAST. Picking up a baby gate cage today!
  • Riley has no fear. Kinda scary. Whereas Jackson was cautious at her age, she dives head first -- literally -- into things. She SQUIRMS during diaper changes big time.
  • Pulled herself up to the ottoman and is trying the crib, our bed, and bathtub. HELP.
  • Started eating meat this month (chicken). 
  • Started picking up her puffs and most end up in her mouth. 
  • Began eating majority of her food as finger foods instead of pureed. OMG my food processor broke last night as Jackson and I were making "ice cream" from frozen bananas. Bananas ended up EVERYWHERE besides our tummy. The top literally flew off while in motion. 
  • First word? Saying "Blah, Blah" when she sees Jackson. We call him Bubba. Hmmm.
  • Lots of squeals, copying us, and "talking" going on!
  • First teeth! The bottoms came in! Signs are there for the tops...stay tuned! 

Eat and Sleep
  • Remains the same...Riley naps three times a day (longer naps when Bubba is MIA) and at least 11.5 hours at night. She wakes up so happy and is taking off her harness if I'm not in there lickity split. I hear the Velcro ripping off through the baby monitor. It's not as loud in real life, just like the baby noises. LOL. 
  • Eating three meals a day of solids, a couple snacks to keep her busy, and nurses 6 or 7 times a day. Longest sessions are first thing in the morning and before bed. She is a lot more efficient now and is easily distracted (by brother) during her feedings.

Riley is the BEST baby ever! She smiles and laughs all day long...even in her sleep! We LOVE her so much! Even as trying as Jackson may be, he would never trade her in a million years (I asked him!). He does love her and LOVES to make her laugh. When he smiles at her it melts my heart. Makes up for all the naughty times. ;)

our little horsey riders 

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  1. I can't believe she's 7 months already either! Laura will be two months next week. It definitely goes MUCH faster with the second child. About the third, don't rule it out yet. I think if you and Sierra want one and can emotionally and spiritually afford to have another, you should. I don't know anyone who has regretted having another baby, but definitely know people who regret NOT having one. Dustin and I are Catholic and the Church teaches us that an important part of a marriage is always being open to having more children. For that reason, I don't think I'm ever going to say I'm totally done, even if we haven't actively trying to achieve a pregnancy. My mom would tell you that if you're still crying about it, you're not ready to close the door yet. She had 4 miscarriages, two before me and two after, and had a really hard time coming to terms with having an only child.