Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our Anniversary!

Another year of wedded bliss! We spent our 6th waking up a little later thanks to Daylight Savings Time. Auntie Autumn and Uncle Marco volunteered to babysit so we could have some kid free time!

We drove down to Hillcrest to a restaurant I've been wanting Sierra to try--Snooze. The wait was an hour which normally with kids would have been "let's go somewhere else" but since it was just us--shopping next door of course! 

After a bag of goodies from Urban, we sat down to delicious grapefruit mimosas and brunch. The friendly server gave us melt-in-your-mouth pancakes with a banana bread glaze in celebration of our anniversary--we were good and only ate a few bites. The eggs I ordered were so yummy and I had the leftovers packed up for my breakfast the next day...which I left sitting in the microwave ALL morning. Does this ever happen to you? You heat something up and forget about it? How do I forget to eat?! This started once the second kid arrived--warning all you expectant moms! 

Since we weren't ready to go home yet, we stopped by the local brewery for a quick tasting.

The kids were happy to see us and had such a fun time with Autumn and Marco that I suggested every Sunday should be like this!

Six years of marriage has been awesome and I look forward to the next 60! Still thinking about my leftovers. We need to go back! 


  1. What a nice little get-away for the day. Sounds perfect! Happy anniversary. :)

  2. Great celebration! We had Luke after 11 months of marriage so we have always had kids on our anniversary and always do brunch too! It's a nice tradition. Oh, and I laughed so hard about the food. I was starving one day at the mall so I ordered some food at the food court, Laura got cranky so I pushed around her stroller into some stores until she fell asleep. An hour later I realized I never picked up my food!! I went back and they made me a fresh plate thankfully. Mommy brains!!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! Sounds like a wonderful day!!

  4. Happy Anniversary. Looks like a super fun day!