Friday, March 15, 2013

Big Girl!

Focus...concentrate...make some faces...

About two weeks before Riley turned one, I introduced her to the Frog Potty. Most nights before bath I put her on it to practice. It's just the beginning of the MANY steps involved to potty training...and there's no rush. 

But last weekend before I put her on the potty, I asked her if she needed to pee and she said, "Yes!" She sure did! That was her first time having a successful potty time! We all cheered for her and Sierra wondered why I kept the pee in the potty for him to see. Why not?! 


  1. Great idea! After Luke's Potty Party, I told myself I would start earlier with Laura and could just sit her on the potty before bathtime once she's up and walking!

  2. Oh my gosh. She's SO ahead of Ella. We do the same thing(hello Ella is 20 months) and she NEVER goes. But she sure does love to wipe. It's so funny. I'm in no rush either. I know she'll do it when she is ready. I'm so amazed Ri did it already... and kinda jealous too!!