Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Auntie Jane Meets the Kids!

Aunt Jane and Jackson
Daddy, Jack, Grandpa, and Uncle Noah
Two weekends ago we were in Ventura because Sierra's sister, Jane, and her husband, David, were visiting from England. They were last in the U.S. five years ago for Orion and Mariola's wedding in Lake Tahoe (and I was newly pregnant with Jackson).

Santa Barbara -- Aunt Mariola & Uncle Orion 
Riley, Mama, and Gram
Aunt Jane
Uncle Noah, Aunt Laura, Gram, & Grandpa (he celebrated his 71st birthday)
We stayed at a Marriott Residence Inn and you would have thought it was a five star resort the way Jackson was talking: "I have my own TV in my room!" That weekend Terry made a delicious English dinner and the kids stayed up way too late only to wake at their usual 6ish a.m. the next day. After naps we went to the pier in Santa Barbara with the family followed by dinner at Noah and Laura's. On Sunday after checking out of the Ritz Marriott, we spent some time with cousins Ella and Zoey and then back to Gram and Grandpa's before heading home.

The girls play

Ella looks like Riley, right?!

Jackson over the last few days really seems to be maturing into a "young lad" as Auntie Jane would say. We were fortunate to then have Jane and David with us for a few days. I was really worried that Jackson would copy everything she said but about two weeks ago I noticed his copying-everyone-annoying-behavior start to fade. Thank goodness that phase is just about over. So he just copied her cute English sayings like "perfect!" As well as "popsie" for Riley and "darling" for me.

First time carrying Riley on my back.
 Of course Jackson realized he could be carried as well!
 While Jane and David were with us last weekend we visited Mt. Soledad (Jackson napped in the car), walked LJ Cove and downtown LJ, went to Old Town for drinks and downtown for dinner with Uncle Clint and Aunt Angela, and had lunch at Jackson's favorite--Greek.

La Jolla Cove

Mt. Soledad

We would love to visit them and see Europe as well but think it's best to wait until both kids will have the memories and their own seats for the 11-12 hour flight. We miss them already! Cheerio!

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