Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Riley: 13 Months Today

How weird it was this month to say to strangers, "oh she just turned a year."

Well over the past month Riley had her first cold, ear infection, first year shots, and lots of low grade fevers with runny nose...welcome to one little bunny!

On the daily, Riley receives compliments for her fast walking as well as outfits and bows (of course). She looks so little walking next to brother but I checked in his baby book -- she is 1 1/2" longer/taller than he was at one. He weighed 2 pounds more but walked a month after her...I know let's not compare apples and oranges.

Riley has been talking more, too. Unlike Jackson (here I go comparing again), she is shy with her words. He was always confident and loud. Riley is quiet and takes about 30 minutes to warm up to people/new places. New words include, "sit", "cup", "nana" (banana), and "sock."

She learned to climb up here and read books!

Climbing down.

They both enjoyed watching the polar bears swim!

At TKD this week, I couldn't find Riley's other shoe. This seems to happen three to five times a day. She hides them I swear! I asked her where her shoe went? She found it and said, "there it is!" So I'll count that as her first sentence!

She loves Karen Katz books and received several for her birthday. If you know about her books, the little girl is always on the hunt for something. Riley enjoys flipping the peek a boo parts and at the end "there it is."

Riley also is learning about her body. She shows us her belly, eyes, and hair. We are working on nose and mouth which she mixes up.

Last weekend we introduced cow's milk. After taking predictions, we gathered around as a family to watch her drink it. I didn't even mix in breast milk because I was too lazy to pump and realized all the frozen milk was expired. We all predicted she would drink it. She drank it no problem so I am in the process of weaning. Currently she is nursing every four hours! SO much better!! I don't want to wean too fast because the evil mastitis looms. Instead I am having to wear nursing pads again. Leaky boobs never end!

Well...there it is...Riley is now 13 months!

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