Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No more pumping...and no more bottles!

I officially stopped pumping at work today. It has been a fun 13 months of providing Jackson his milk while he is at daycare, but all good things must come to an end. We were running into the problem of him not taking his sippy cup with my milk. He had no problems with juice and water...just my milk. His doctor said he associated my milk with me...and as the one year mark passed, I began pumping less...and less...and made the decision to stop today. So instead of spending my lunch hooked up to a machine, I can eat lunch with two hands! ;) I will continue Jackson's morning and night nursing as long as he wants...we do love this time! At this rate, he may be in kindergarten before he stops nursing...but the BEST part about not pumping today, we introduced organic whole cow's milk with my milk in a sippy cup and viola! Jackson is drinking all of his milk from a sippy cup so we can pack up the bottles, too! YAY! Here's our little guy after feeding himself yogurt...and showing off his 12 teeth!

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