Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Zoo with Auntie Autumn

Auntie Autumn joined us at the zoo on Sunday! We had a blast! The weather was perfect! Jackson enjoyed the petting zoo -- he really liked the goats and the (Easter) bunnies. We also saw a show and Jack enjoyed eating his snacks and watching the colorful birds fly high above us in the sky. He said "duck" to every bird he saw--even the ducks. :) Right around nap time our little guy passed out in his stroller and groggily said "bye" to Autumn...when he woke up 2 1/2 hours later he was in his crib at home cuddling with his favorite monkey!

Hey Goat!

Jackson & Mama with an elephant!

Jack & Auntie Autumn

Should I be scared of this gorilla?

Jackson learned to whisper "hi" (I wish he would use his whisper voice at 5 a.m.) and knows how to march with the music. He finally is letting his Leap Frog dog Scout (thanks Uncle Noah and Aunt Laura) play through a song--instead of pushing the buttons a million times--so we can hear the song all the way through. He marches and claps his hands.

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