Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break!

Playdates during Spring Break were so much fun!!!

Doing my Math POD (Problem of the Day)

At Playtown with Cole and Emerson

I love music!

With Celeste at Ruben H. Fleet--she shared her snacks with me!

Jackson has learned to clean his hands off when they are sandy...he loves getting dirty!

@ the dentist...I'm not opening my mouth! You can't make me!!!

Yum--cereal with milk!

belly sliding

Jackson and I have had some quality Mommy-Son time during my spring break. Yesterday we ran errands and met Heidi for some pre-baby shopping and a Starbucks. We also set up his new tent for the sunny days...and future beach days. Jackson tried cereal (Organic Trader O's) with milk yesterday--he gobbled down the whole bowl as fast as his daddy eats cereal! Mommy was super excited to hear from Kristina--she is engaged!!! =)

Today we went to Jack's first dentist appointment. He wouldn't open his mouth! Weird since he always has something to say or wants something to eat! The doctor finally coaxed him with a toothbrush and checked out his 12 teeth. Everything looks great so his next visit will be at 2! I know I say this all of the time...but I really can't believe how fast he is growing!!! What did people do before digital cameras and blogs?! At least I can capture some of our moments this way...and create lasting (virtual) memories. :)

I rewarded Jackson's good dental visit with a quick trip to the park before lunch and nap. There were some other kids at the park today, so that made it more fun for us!

The rest of the week we have a few play dates scheduled between nap time. We love meeting our big and little friends!

We will be going to Julian for a few days. Sierra rented a cabin on the lake just outside of downtown Julian. We can't wait to enjoy nature and watch Dada fish! I hope the Easter Bunny is able to find us!

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