Monday, March 8, 2010

Our Little Hero

Great Grandpa and Libby gave this birthday outfit to Jackson. He really is our little hero, like the romper says. We look forward to picking him up from daycare each day and spending the weekends and days off with him--he is learning so much and so fast!

Jackson is ALL boy. He had a booster shot today and didn't even cry! He is such a little man--so strong and brave! Then we saw a helicopter land and he couldn't stop staring and talking about it as he pointed to it in the sky. He enjoys playing with his trucks, cars, and balls. He is saying "football" and making "vroom" sounds when he plays with his cars. He also likes to flirt with the ladies. He will say "hi! hi! hi!" until the woman or little girl looks and says "hi" back, and then he gives a huge smile. =) Our new family game is to play Family Football. Sierra and I toss a football back and forth as Jackson giggles and runs between us. This game keeps us all laughing, and I hope you are sharing a laugh with us, too!

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