Saturday, July 20, 2013

Soccer Camp

Jackson spent this week at soccer camp and LOVED all three hours of the games, drills, and kid time. Mama LOVED the daily naps that happened. I got so much done since both kids were napping simultaneously -- that hasn't happened since Riley was four months old--Jackson decided he didn't need naps once I hurt my hand and became a one handed mom. Convenient. But, as I reflect, he was probably reacting to my injury. Such a sweetie. 

Jack was given the Outstanding Goalie award yesterday and of course I cried when I saw how proud he felt. That's one of the best rewards to parenting--seeing your child realize their potential and sharing these emotions. So thankful I was there to see it. 

First day of camp!
Jackson: "Hurry up sister!"
Daily car nap and transfer to his bed!

     Riley insisted on being in this photo!

Red Firecrackers get ready to show their skills!

NCSP just added a new week to their summer program so we might just need to sign up again...a girl could get used to these naps! 

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