Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Leaving a Legacy

Jackson's last day of pre-school at Legacy Montessori was June 26. It was water day so he stayed a little later than usual to join in the fun! That was a treat for me, too. We gifted his teachers with gift cards and potted flowers: Thanks for helping me bloom this year!

A few weeks ago the Garden Committee at his school created a tile wall using the kids' artwork. Riley participated and we just love how the wall turned out! As we won't be returning to Legacy in the Fall, we will have to visit to see how the garden blossoms and to check out how Riley and Jackson's hands compare in size years from now. 

Riley is always on the move...

Jackson finds his tile. 

Ri stands under her tile.

A kite soaring through the Peace Garden.

This is the first summer Jackson has been home with me full time since he was Riley's age...we have lots of things planned and he was eagerly counting down the days. It has been a very enriching and highly academic year of learning for him. Just going three part time days, he  has learned to do basic addition, place value, the concept of 100, beginning reading, phoneme blends, and life skills. Over the summer we will continue to work on his writing skills. His fine motor skills are average and sometimes I think Riley has better control of a crayon. That's the teacher in me, though. 

Here's to a FUN summer!

I surprised Jackson with this sign. He was SO excited to welcome summer!

Little Sis is pretty excited for summer, too!
This school year went way too fast!!!

Jackson's teacher, Ms. Shay in the Peace Garden. 

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