Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Riley Grace at 17 months :)

Riley Smiley you have loved building blocks over the last month, stacking cups, pouring water and sand between the two at your water & sand table, pushing Jackson on your toys, head butting him when he purposely sits in your chair...your favorite toy is still Big Bro. You can't sleep unless Cuddle Bear is with you (replaced with a copy this month) and "Ah-goo," your special Baby Dior blanket from Mommy Nannette. You have mastered sliding, running, and bouncing in the jumpy. You smile really big when you accomplish something. New words: "milk, moo, me, baby, pretty, car..." I'm sure there are more but I haven't been writing them down because you communicate so well with the words you have and signs. You follow directions so well and I hope you are always this agreeable to help out and clean up your messes without complaining -- but so was Jackson at your age so that already gives me anxiety about when you turn three...

Ok back to 17 months! You are wearing lots of 24 month clothes and size 4.5 shoe. You are tall enough to push your push toys and figured that out recently. You enjoy books, all animals (even real worms--gross), eating, being outdoors, and giving Daddy huge hugs when he comes home from work. 

You point out every baby and say, "baby!" You call yourself "baby" and "me, me, me" when you want something. You are super shy at first and kinda clingy but it's sweet. I secretly like that you want me to hold you in new situations and not anyone else. I love having a daughter and you have transitioned perfectly into our family and never once complained about any of our setbacks with your Pavlik harness, my hand accident, your hand accident, or Jackson's constant need to be number one. Your inner and outer beauty keep growing...as does your hair! It's time for another trim soon. 

You are a special girl, Riley Grace...and we love you and your happy face! Happy 17th month...sniff, sniff. 

Jack and Ri at 16 months 

Love these legs 

Homemade Popsicles 

Loves hats of all kinds (this is J's)

Musical child 

     Happy 17 months!

loves the "quack quacks."

Aunt Cat is visiting this month from Alabama! 

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