Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th of July

My little firecrackers! 
We spent the 4th of July doing our traditional Scripps Ranch Old Pros Run. We woke the kids up early, packed up their things and Aunt Cat (who is visiting from Alabama), and met up with friends as well as family to run. The Aardappels met Sierra for the 10K while Uncle Clint and his in-laws did the Fun Run with me and Aunt Cat. Well, actually, Clint pushed the kids in the HEAVY stroller and I really did enjoy the Fun Run--kid free! I ditched them. My best two miles ever--17:40 was the announced time as I crossed so I actually ran faster than that since the crowds of people delay the start. Thanks, Uncle Clint! 

The Beer Garden is always worth an early morning run, so Sierra spent some time there. HA! It's fun to catch up with friends from Scripps Ranch, too. The parade followed and that's when the sun really started to shine...back at home we napped and prepared for a neighbor's BBQ/pool party. We had lots of fun with the Holes and Jackson couldn't leave the pool until finally we pulled him out with the lure of fireworks. Riley went to bed and the three of us headed up the hill by our house to watch the show. It's pretty awesome that our neighbors sit on the hill to watch two shows and it feels so private. The best part is we don't have to drive! 

Uncle Clint gives Jack a great view to see Daddy run in!

There he goes! He beat his time by 14 minutes!
I was holding Riley in one hand and the camera in the other...best shot I could get! 

Ali is a real runner and I'm a pretend runner...but we are both real mamas!
 Ryan is 10 months and Riley is 17 months. Ry and Ri = LOVE. 
the beer garden = good times with adults!
The 5th of July is my Grandfather Kennedy's birthday so my Dad (who is also visiting), shared in his celebration over the weekend with his five siblings and their loved ones. Grandpa Bill requested only his "kids" at his birthday dinner so he had a chance to talk with everyone. Three daughters and three sons still makes for a large group when you count their partners. Grandpa turned 92 young and we will celebrate later this summer with a BBQ. 

The original Kennedy Kids


How did you spend the 4th? Any red, white, and blue memories you would like to share?

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  1. I think you and Ali are BOTH real runners for getting up that early and exercising. I laid in bed as long as I could that morning and strapping on my running shoes was the last thing on my mind. :) Cutest kiddos as always!