Tuesday, July 2, 2013

SD County Fair

Last week we braved the crowds and spent several hours at the San Diego County Fair. Riley enjoyed the livestock and Jackson loved the rides. Mama was claustrophobic in the Fun Zone. Way too crowded and next time I'll make sure to stay away on Pay One Price Day. Luckily Auntie Autumn came with us! We wouldn't have lasted that long otherwise. Super Mom Carrie met us with her two boys, Kason and Kyler...and a third in her belly. 

Growing up, my mom told us that the fair rides were dangerous since they are put up and then taken down...so that fear is still in me. We chose the less scary rides, like the elephant. Ha! Rosie was a sweetheart and carried us around in a circle. I feel bad for her but what can I do? Not ride? Riley is such an animal lover we couldn't resist. I remember riding the elephants at the zoo when I was a little girl so...up we went! It was a wobbly ride and I still can't believe the lady there told me Riley could ride by herself (yeah right)! Jackson loved the fun houses and maybe next year he will be tall enough to go in by himself because again, feeling a little claustrophobic. 

Riley had her first donut and shared it with Jackson after two bites. We all enjoyed the pig races. Especially Riley with her piggy tails

After lots of walking, eating, riding, and whining (Jackson), we headed home. Until  next year (or not), Fair! I prefer Disneyland.

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