Sunday, August 25, 2013

Big Girl Bed

You may remember our darling escape artist...this wasn't a one time deal. Almost every day after nap, or sometimes before she napped, Riley would climb out of her crib. Jackson and I would hear her playing with toys--outside of her crib--on the baby monitor. 

A few weeks ago I wondered what the bruises on her legs were from but thought they were from her daily falls. Turns out they were from getting her legs between the crib railing/cage area. We planned to convert her crib last weekend but she had a really bad cold and later the doctor diagnosed a Tympanic Membrane (TM) Perforation in her right ear. Poor baby. She was miserable last week as well from cutting four teeth at once. 

After lots of mommy suggestions (thank you) and removal of the beautiful Pottery Barn Hayley bumper/step-stool, we decided it was in Riley's best interest and safety to convert her crib to the toddler bed. 

Her last night in the crib. I wanted one last night with this bumper.

Operation Conversion Complete.

Jackson was all too eager to show her the new bed. He asked if he could have a slumber party with her...ummmmmm not tonight. He loves her dearly and really can't wait for her to grow up a little more. He is excited when she has new words and can do things on her own. Our Big Girl! SNIFF! SNIFF! SNIFF!

Daddy giving her kisses before bedtime. 
Hmmm....I think I need more of my stuffed animals in here!

We followed her usual bedtime routine and she slept the entire night. She did the same things Jackson did at this milestone--she tried to climb out (even though there is a clear spot to get down from) and brought her favorite stuffed friends in her bed. As an added bonus, she brought Abby the cat's treats and blankets to her bed. She then tried to get Abby to such luck. But Abby did enjoy the extra treats from her bestie! This morning she actually slept in until 6:45 a.m. (usually up at 6:15 a.m.) and I awoke to, "Mama! Mama!" a little louder than usual. I found her waiting at the doorway. She had thrown her favorites (kitty, Ah-Goo, and Cuddle Bear) over the safety gate. 

This is how she woke up--the gate keeps her in her room...for now.

Big Bro was pretty tired after helping Daddy convert the crib.

First nap in her toddler bed. We had to put her down early so we could attend a birthday party later.
I cheated and nursed her to sleep. She's still in her same PJs from last night. 

Riley trying out her Big Girl Bed!

So now that Ri is a Big Girl, I've been pinning ideas for what to do with the bumper. Her PBK bumper is so  pretty and has brought us so much joy. Riley loves looking at those birds and saying "night, night" to them. Any ideas? I found some cute jumbo blocks I think both kids will enjoy stacking...but they only make a few.

source: Makin' Projiks

Hmmmm...and sweet...I don't remember seeing this before but I just had to order the matching growth chart for her room. I mean, she is growing up after all! 



  1. Awww already?? Too soon, too soon! Is that pink polka-dot carpet I spy? Cute! Love you Riley!!

  2. So cute! I love the pic of Daddy giving her night night kisses! :)