Saturday, August 3, 2013

Jackson is Half Way Through Age FOUR!

Half of his breakfast!
Celebrating  before camp.

It feels like yesterday this little guy was learning to talk...and now he doesn't stop talking, even in his sleep. We celebrated Jackson's half birthday yesterday as he turned 4 1/2! He was counting down the days for a week and is proud to say he's getting close to 5. Yikes! 

After going out for Greek (Jack's choice) for dinner, we celebrated with his favorite flavor from Nothing Bundt Cakes. And he ate half (of course). 

This week was also the start of Outpost Summer Camp! Jackson has three weeks of camp (half days) for pre-campers. It's the perfect dose of day camp life and he is loving it. His goal is to get as dirty as he can each day because that shows how much fun he had! Unlike soccer camp where naps happened immediately, I've had to have some strategy about naps now because his late pick up time (1:30 p.m.) is during Riley's nap! Luckily, she is so easy going that I'm able to delay her nap or put her down early. She caught up on Tuesday and Thursday this week (non camp days) with almost four hour naps! 

First day--before
First day--after 
Dear Jackson, 

You are full of energy. You make us laugh so much. We are proud of all that you have accomplished in your 4 1/2 years. You love trucks, TMNT, iPad apps, reading, all kinds of sports, and learning. You impress strangers because you seem older than your years. Please slow down and stay this age forever. We love this 4th year with you especially because you show us how proud you are of your little sister and how much you love Ri. She is your best friend and you would do anything for her in a heartbeat. It took you about 9 months to figure that out but that's your personality with change--you're not a big fan. That's ok, neither is your Mama. Or your Daddy. Or your sister. HA!

Just for fun, we measured you yesterday. You thought this was so awesome and kept asking if each measurement was "good." Riley then wanted to be measured, too. She is really into the Monkey See, Monkey Do phase--which  you are all too aware of and sometimes "forget" she can't do some of the big kid things you do...

Weight: 40 lbs. Height: 39.5" Head: huge

You are wearing 5T pajamas and shirts, 4T pants, and size 9 shoes. We bought you two new pairs this week and I was not a fan of the Spiderman shoes you chose with removable "web shoelace protectors." SIGH. Luckily, the black converse and your Reefs will be the back up shoes.

Love you!

Mama and Daddy

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