Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Riley's Half Birthday: 18 months!

6, 12, & 18 months sure did fly by!
Riley turned 18 months old yesterday and is showing more toddler than baby qualities...but will always be my baby. Here is a question and answer session we have almost daily:

Me: Riley, what is your brother's name?
Riley: Bubba!
Me: What is your dad's name?
Riley: Dada!
Me: What is my name?
Riley: Mama!
Me: What is your name?
Riley: Baby!

Over her 17th month, Riley continued to scream, kick, and fight getting into her car seat. Jackson did the same thing around this age and over the last three months it has become worse. So bad in fact I would plan each outing 15-20 minutes ahead of the time we needed to leave just so I could coax her into her seat. This was the most stressful part of the day for us, so I can't complain. But I did sweat a lot! 

Crying about the "buck-ul."

I tried tickling her into her seat, talking her into her seat, distracting her with fibs: look, there's a kitty! look, there's a truck! (not good with Big Bro sitting there), letting her try to put her "buck-ul" on, having her watch Jackson get in like a Big Kid, letting her play for 10 minutes or so in the car...finally we decided to turn her around. Jackson was 2 1/2 when we turned him around in my car to forward facing. He was shorter and didn't seem to mind looking at the seat. Riley is in the Monkey See, Monkey Do/Monkey Hear, Monkey Say phase, so I think seeing Jackson forward facing really got to now at 18 months she is forward facing and still causes drama getting in her seat...but less than 10 minutes now. Once we are driving she's fine...but still several stressful moments there!

Riley really enjoys helping us bake and cook. She now climbs up on the chair to join us at the counter. 

A favorite part of her day is emptying her dresser drawers and then putting the clothes back. I should start hanging more items because I refold a lot...but I enjoy looking at her sweet little clothes at the same time. 

Riley climbed out of her crib during her 17th month a few times. We're still debating converting it to the toddler bed like we did with Jackson at 18 months. Removing the bumper could solve the little step/boost it's giving her...but it's so cute and cost more than the bedding. She seems to like her doll's bed because it is just the right size for her and "Ah-Goo," her favorite blanket.

Riley runs all around with The Mouse and the Motorcycle. We think she likes the pictures of the animals inside this Beverly Cleary read. Don't tell anyone, but when I was a little girl I really thought Ralph in the movie was played by a real mouse. I found out the truth when I was 21. Sad day. Come on, he looks real when he's hiding in that hole, right? 

Chips and salsa are a favorite snack. Just like Mama! I can never just eat one. Bad!

How old are you Riley? Riley holds her finger up for "one." At least she stopped saying six!

Another favorite is emptying the toy basket and getting inside, then adding the toys back, only to get uncomfortable. Repeat. Then clean up.

On her 18th month half birthday, our neighborhood participated in National Night Out. We had a great time as usual with our neighbors. We love our block. Hana and Riley had fun with the "buck-uls" in the red wagon. They are 9 days apart and live directly across the street from us. Too cute!

Ri: Mom...not another picture. Hana: Come on we're busy!

Hugs for Ashley!

These two friends are 10 days apart! Ash is older and wiser!
Jackson happily delivered this month's copy of the SRCA's newsletter on our block. Riley, as usual, kicked back in the wagon. See how she puts her arms up? Total princess. 

Dear Riley,

You are ONE 1/2 already! We can't believe it. It makes us sad that you're not the little newborn we brought home 18 months ago. But at the same time we are extremely happy that you are so healthy, happy, smart, and loved. You are our Riley Smiley at home...and in public you become Riley Shyly in new places. You are a little lady and are very particular about how your toys are put away, what clothes and shoes you wear, and having clean hands. You help me out so much now. You put dishes away, know the difference between recycling and trash, help with laundry, feeding Abby, and cleaning up your messes after you eat. Each day I'm amazed about the things you know and do. Your new words over the last month: "yellow, cookie, "aminul (animal)," cow, moo, dinosaur, buck-ul (buckle), and ha-low (hello)." You have pretend conversations on phones. So, so, cute! Jackson is your favorite and you always ask to give him a hug and kiss before you go to sleep. He comes into your room in the morning when he hears you on the baby monitor and gets in your crib to play with you. I love hearing you both having fun together. 

You weigh 25 pounds and you are 29" tall. 

You love to eat and try new foods. Your favorites are chips and salsa, Mama's spaghetti, broccoli, oranges, berries, and watermelon. You eat very well with your fork and spoon and doing pretty good with a regular cup for water. You still enjoy Mama's milk, too. Every morning and every night...sometimes after nap. You grew a couple more teeth last week and two more are coming in now so you're a bit feisty. 

You are really running these days. You run everywhere you go. You enjoy walking backwards to be goofy. Today you kept spinning around. I know Jackson taught you this because he loves to make himself dizzy...and  now you know the feeling, too.

We love you, our sweet Riley Grace.

Mama and Daddy


  1. You are such a great momma. I am loving Riley's pigtails and am already dreading the take everything out of the dresser phase. That's hilarious!

  2. I loved reading this! Ella and Ri are so similar is so many ways. I hear you on the bumper. Why are they so darn expensive? I took Ella's out so early because I was paranoid. What a waste!! She is just too cute and growing up so fast. One of these days, we have to get our girls together.